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When David Roberts moved his family back to his native North Wales after a distinguished career in the capital, London. For over 14 years he worked for the world famous store of Harrods, rising to the rank of Chief Buyer of their shoe department. Now for over 95 years and under the watchful eyes of three generations of the Roberts’ family, the business has flourished at it’s site at Knightsbridge House (named after his asssociation with that great store in London), Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno.The original shop front as shown below, was designed by David Roberts and is still in place to this day. While many things have changed over the years, the commitment to providing the highest standards of personal service, together with the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, is still as strong as ever.

 David Roberts  Shoes of Distinction




Andrew Roberts and his wife Hilary have decided to retire as he hangs up his shoe horn, so as they may be able to spend time with their two grandsons and their families.. Andrew having been at the helm of the family business David Roberts Shoes of Distinction for over 50 years since David Roberts first opened in Llandudno. In August 1921 David Roberts  resigned his post of Head Shoe Buyer at the famous Harrods store in London. He had always wanted to run his own business and in the Autumn of 1921 he brought his family back to his native North Wales. He had chosen two place to open his shop, as well as Llandudno he thought of Llanrwst which he left as a 15 year old boy in 1885 to seek his fortune. But Llandudno won out and he set about designing the unique frontage with its Island Showcase. To this day it is the only shop on the block that has wheelchair and mobility scooter access. On May 17th 1922 he announced in the Llandudno Advertiser that ” David Roberts, late of Harrods would like to invite the discerning ladies and gentlemen of North Wales to visit his shop to view the ranges of British and Parisian designed footwear”

The standards set by David Roberts in 1922 have been continued by the next two generations. His son David took over control of the business in 1937 when his father died and ran the business until 1967. His career was broken by a six year spell serving his country with distinction during the 2nd World War. In 1967 David suffered a severe stroke, this brought a young Andrew still in school into the business. For the first 3 months of his working career he combined school and work missing the first lesson of each day to come and open the shop returning back after the school day. This was done with the full knowledge and help of his headmaster Mr S O Rees. It was hoped that David’s health would improve and he would rejoin Andrew in the business. This would then give Andrew the chance to go and work in Harrods to gain experience. Sadly this was not to be as David never recovered full health and died in 1970.Andrew gained membership of “The Society of Shoe Fitters” in 1986 one of only a few members in Wales. So in April 2018 Andrew celebrated 51 years in David Roberts and he continues to strive to maintain the aims of his father and grandfather. The last 96 years of David Roberts would not have been possible without the support of the many staff who have graced the shop and importantly the many customers who have been fitted with shoes, to you all Thank you very much for making David Roberts what it is today


In those bygon days of service and quality there was always David Roberts of Llandudno. Times may have changed but our services and quality still remains.The gentle art of foot measuring by a qualified shoe fitter is still practised daily to ensure correct size and fittings. As specialists in ladies smaller sizes by Cefalu down to size 33 continental (size 1 english) and now upto size 10 (44 continental) in ladies shoes in AA & B fittings like Amalfi and HB Shoes and in other fittings by VanDal, Waldlaufer, Josef Seibel, Romika and Cefalu . It is a sobering thought to Andrew that because he started so young, he has now been in the business longer than either his grandfather or his father. Yet it is this wealth of experience that allows him to continue to provide footwear of the high quality and craftsmanship. He is a qualified shoe fitter being a member of The Society of Shoe Fitters and is available to help and advise on specialist footwear needs.