Gentleman’s Shoes

Finest British Shoemaking

One of the finest selections of British and Continental Gents shoes. The selection of sizes available is from size 5 through to size 13 with availability to order up to size 15.

For British made, welted shoes choose from Barkers ( Loake ( and Cheaney ( all of whom offer a factory repair service, this where the shoes are put back onto their original last and remade. We can order especially from these suppliers vast instock ranges any style that you see on their websites.

For boat shoes choose only from one of the best SEBAGO ( with its wide range and casual and more formal footwear from Sizes 6 1/2 to 13 and larger by special order. Also new for 2017 after a long absense is Callaghan of Spain’s ranges of boat and casual shoes.

For formal and casual footwear SIOUX of Germany (  offer a range to suit all needs. Whether it is for business wear their soft nappa upper with leather soles give ultimate comfort or for that more casual occasion they can suit in fittings G-H-J ultra wide in sizes 5 1/2 to 12 1/2.

For some of the most comfortable walking shoes in the world, we are specialist stockists of Mephisto of France ( Mens shoes and sandals available from 5 to 13 also we can draw from this supplier’s large range of stock shoes and others can be obtained if made with a delivery of approx. 6/8 weeks. Mephisto repair service directly back to the factory.

Lightweight kids shoes made to moccasin and casual designs made especially for David Roberts by Maybury Size 6 upto Size 12.

For smart or casual fashionable footwear your search is now over as look no further than Camel Active ( in a range or distinctive leathers and nubucks with Sizes 6 to 12 and several styles available upto Size 14

Josef Seibel ( provides a range of leisure walking shoes, boots and sandals in soft leather and rugged nubucks. Certain style available in sizes from 39 (5 1/2) upto 50 (15).

Castellano Shoes – This Spanish based shoemaker from Madrid who make especially for David Roberts a fine range of mens shoes in soft calfs and deerskin, taking simple designs and turning out very stylish combinations of polished toe caps and soft deerskin across the instep. Available in sizes 38 (5) to 48 (13) in special combination soles of leather with rubber centre inserts for great flexability and dureablity

David Roberts is a R M Williams stockist ( specialising in their world famous Australian boots. With a selection of styles from size 6 to 12 in calfskin, suede and kangaroo. New is a “Dynamic Flex Comfort” Craftsman Boot, the Airport friendly Boot. No more beeping boots at the Airport. Also in stock with their mens boot ranges are Craftsman in Tanbark Kangaroo with comfort insoles and soles. We also have an ability to order especially from their vast ranges  in stock in the UK. We carry a selection of R M Williams handcrafted leather belts

The new range of super soft and supple leisure and formal shoes and boots With their unique underfoot comfort designed to take the “Stress Shock from walking” of your feet. From South America we have “Sapatoterapia”- Shoetherapy” mens shoes , a make that will  ” Give your feet a real treat”

Mens slipper are available in a range of materials from soft fabrics on rubber soles, through to soft leathers and suedes on soft hide soles. From Relax of Menorca we still offer a traditional mens slipper on a soft sole and Morlands in soft supple suedes with luxurious sheepskin linnings along with Nordika soft leather upper and robust rubber soles

All these ranges of shoes can be cared for with the use of polishes, creams, etc. from our shoe care ranges provided by Meltonian, Dasco and Mephisto. The often forgotten art of shoe polishing will always prolong the life of your shoes as well as enhancing the appearance. Manufacturers take great care to ensure the shoes that you buy have a good appearance and many carry leaflets to ensure the correct selection of shoe care products. Mr Andrew Roberts and his staff are always on hand to offer help and advice on the best ways to look after your new purchase. We now stock leather insoles in sizes 48(13), 49(14), 50(15) & 52 (16), so for larger sized shoes you can now get superb leather underfoot insoles. We also stock “Copper Heelers” for only £39-99. The Original Copper Heeler insoles are worn by thousands of people, and trusted by them to improve their quality of life. They are the market leading copper insoles and their benefits have been highly recommended in the media as a great pain relieving product.The Original Copper Heeler Insoles can be worn all day, every day. The Original Copper Heeler insoles can be worn in almost every type of shoe. They are anatomically designed and ultra slim making them a comfortable addition to most shoes. Please note that it is not recommended to wear the Original Copper Heeler in slippers or sandals as the insole may bend slightly.

Many of the shoes purchased from David Roberts can be returned to the manufacturers to be repaired, this will involve putting the shoes back in their original last (the device on which the shoes were originally shaped and formed) to ensure that the shoes are put back into their original shape. Most shoes will take at least two manufacturers repairs in their lifetime.

One tip to remember is that all shoes need time to rest after being worn, so never wear a pair of shoes day after day as you will shorten its life quite considerably. Try to rotate your shoe selection giving the worn shoes time to rest. Try to place worn shoes in an area where they can benefit form air circulation, this will assit the drying of moisture that accumulates within their lining. Never force dry any wet or damp shoes as this will severely damage the natural properties within your shoes. Wherever possible put worn shoes onto shoe trees to pull shoes back into shape, most effective when the shoes have just been taken off and the leather is still warm.